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Here’s What Clients Have to Say About Working with Emily

All of the remarks below were written by past or present clients and were received unsolicited. Permission has been granted to post these comments, and in order to maintain confidentiality, initials have been used in lieu of full names.


I owe you my sincere gratitude, you helped me find my best life.

It has only been through dealing with the root of my stress and anxiety that I was able to learn to how to cope and heal from them. I am happy, and I am not sure if I could have defined what happiness was before.

 I use my mindfulness practices in a way that is second nature for me now. I recognize more beauty around me, in taking a minute to tune in. I check in when I feel myself getting stressed, and am able to identify and determine cause. I know to pause and breathe, and ask my body what it needs. I am compassionate to myself and others.

My friends and family are sharing in my happiness. They recognize my growth and celebrate with me my successes.   



I feel I have never really been seen or heard until I met with you. Although I know therapists I have worked with in the past have seen and heard me, there was something about you that my soul knew was a fit. Thank you for your support and your caring heart.



The few sessions we have had have opened my eyes (and heart) to territory I did not know existed. They have been a tremendous help and with that momentum I’m sure my course of reckoning will effectively continue. I quickly trusted you to take me down into uncharted waters and then back up to the surface where I could work to assemble the fragments of emotion I had touched. Now that I know how the process works I am better prepared to continue.

– CS


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I 100% feel that if it wasn’t for you, I would not be here today. You saved my life. Thank you for being there when I was in such a dark place. You truly are a life saver in the literal sense of the word.



You have a quiet confidence that makes it very easy to work with you. I appreciate all the support and care you have given me. It has enabled me to continue on helping myself … as always, one foot in front of the others.

– KT


I have had people question why I go to therapy when on the surface I might seem put-together – it’s funny, because these are the people that now comment on the difference they see in me since I started coming to see you. You make me feel that my feelings are important and have relevance. Some of my issues might not seem big to other people, so thank you for making them feel valid and for making me feel valued. 

You always ask such intelligent and thought-out questions. It helps for me to feel challenged, yet also supported and listened to – REALLY listened to, which is an amazing feeling. Each week I am caught off guard with the level of emotions I feel, the places you take the discussion to and what comes out of it. I feel challenged to think differently, look at things in depth and really think about the root cause of things. Thank you for making me question things I have very deeply buried and for making me feel extremely supported to work through what comes up.

I’ve always struggled with opening up, especially around the LGBTQ issues I have. I feel so comfortable talking about them with you, which I didn’t think I would say about anyone because they’re quite painful to discuss. Thank you for making me feel safe and like I can really open up on this topic – and in fact, on any topic at all. Also having you there to support me through my break-up was invaluable.

As you know, it’s been a lifelong dream for me to write and perform on stage but various reasons held me back. You have given me the confidence to pursue this, the encouragement along the way when I have done well and the support when I have fallen off the horse. My relationships with family members have improved, as well as my relationships with my friends, the way I am at work, the confidence I now have and this social calendar which a year ago I wouldn’t have recognized as mine!

Never did I think I would be sitting here writing about how I feel proud of myself and the progress I have made, but I am proud. Thank you for making me feel this way. Thank you for making me feel so heard and supported. Thank you for changing my life.